Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Words of Yousef Aboh . Survivor of Darfur.

This is the personal account of Yousef Aboh, a survivor of the Darfurian genocide. The only teacher for 500 students in his village of Amar in Darfur, he tells one story of how his uncle was murdered before his eyes. And how the world must act. Please allow the video to download. I apologize for the poor quality and my attempt at writing his words.

"It's really hard what I am going to say...I will tell to you [about] my uncle. When people came...six people came with their guns beside the village and they [the villagers of Amar] were working, they said his name. When he came out, they said to shoot him. And I said, 'Please stop. Don't shoot him. What do you want? Tell me what you want?'

And they said, 'You or him.'

And I said that, 'Me. Shoot me.'

When I said shoot me, they refused to do that. They tried to shoot him. I hugged him and they shoot him. It is real that was.

Always I don't like to say that. When I say that, I am always thinking something bad. It doesn't let me think more. And this morning you see that 20 or 25 people will die again.

...Because the power that we have in our hearts and we promise ourselves that we will enter Khartoum. Because of the evil ways that they do to our friends. And even nobody complains but it's true to say.

Always talking and no action. It will cause another problem for Darfurians."

I have been awake all night listening and recording the accounts of two men from the Darfurian delegation.

In this case, Yousef's words are far more fitting and appropriate than my own. I sincerely hope that one watching on a screen can feel the compassion in this man's voice as well as his urgency.

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